Safe Direction’s Management Team

Hayden Wallace, Managing Director

Hayden Wallace is the founding director and a major shareholder of Safe Direction (Est 2012). Wallace is a respected leading figure in the road safety barrier industry with over 20 years’ experience with leading multi-site product manufacturing and distribution facilities serving the national road safety barrier market.

Wallace is the inventor of numerous international patents for road and vehicle safety barrier systems including but not limited to Safe Direction’s RAMSHIELD guardrail barrier, the RHINO-STOP® family of car park and warehouse safety barriers and Ingal Civil Products Ezy-Guard system. Moreover Wallace is responsible for advancing best practice for safety barrier systems through active participation in the Australian and New Zealand Standard for Road Safety Barriers as well as being responsible for championing the advancement of numerous public domain road safety barrier systems to the Australian market such as crash tested guardrail end terminals, solid blockouts and motorcycle rubrail.

Wallace has lead the design and construction of several manufacturing plants for production of road safety barriers as well as a galvanising facility thereby providing the experience to establish Safe Direction at the forefront of control systems for the production of leading quality products.

The rapid growth in Safe Direction is based on the mission set by Wallace to deliver to customers’ unparalleled technical support, innovative unique product solutions and speed in order fulfilment.

Wallace has a Master’s of Business Administration from The University of Technology Sydney and Bachelor of Engineering from The University of Sydney.


Terry Colquhoun, Business Development Director

Terry Colquhoun has worked in the safety barrier industry for over 15 years and is widely respected as one of Australia’s foremost knowledgeable experts on road safety barrier products.  Colquhoun joined Safe Direction in 2012 and has extensive experience in sales management and product development.

Colquhoun has been instrumental in introducing numerous road safety barrier products to the Australian market, including cable barriers, crash cushions, guardrail end terminals and guardrail barriers as well obtaining regulatory approval through the Austroads Safety Assessment Panel.

Colquhoun is listed on numerous international patents for road and vehicle safety barrier systems and has participated in the Australian and New Zealand Standard for Road Safety.

Recently, Colquhoun has championed the introduction of the RHINO-STOP® family of car park and warehouse barrier products which has seen the product become the industry’s preferred modular barrier system.

Colquhoun is widely regarded for his technical support and commitment to customer service.