Uni-Fit Handrail

Safe Direction is pleased to announce the introduction of the Uni-Fit Handrail System providing convenience of assembly through the use of specially engineered universal fittings to connect handrail pipes of various diameters. The multi-directional, controlled adjustment of the fittings allows raking of up to 80° and eliminates any requirement for welding during the assembly process. Terry Colquhoun, Business Development Manager of Safe Direction, said the Uni-Fit Handrail system offers Safe Direction’s customer access to an exciting new product. “Unit-Fit is the next generation handrail system. Uni-Fit provides a multitude of handrail combinations, replacing more than 100 fittings used for assembly of traditional pre-fabricated handrail systems. Uni-Fit will greatly reduce inventory and ensure the installer provides a quality finish to suit site requirements.” The adjustment of the Uni-Fit Handrail system is provided by securing the cup to the ring and tightening of the grub screw. An additional hole in the cup is provided for the optional use of a security screw. The adjustment of the fittings ensures the handrail follows the contour of the site with minimal fuss. The rail cups are interchangeable with the rings ensuring all various rail and pipe combinations are easily achieved. Colquhoun added “Safe Direction is committed to supplying quality products that facilitate ease of installation and improve safety for pedestrians.