SKT End Terminal FAQs

The SKT-SP guardrail end terminal is an energy-absorbing, tangent end terminal, designed to minimise the severity of impacts occurring at the end of the safety barrier system.

Designed for attachment directly to w-beam guardrail, the SKT-SP is one of the world?s leading end treatment solutions and is fully compliant to the requirements of NCHRP Report 350.

During head-on impacts, the SKT-SP impact head slides over the w-beam guardrail. The w-beam is sequentially kinked as it moves through the head and exits away from the traffic face. The kinking action of the rail absorbs the kinetic energy of the impacting vehicle bringing the vehicle to a controlled stop.

The SKT-SP has been crash tested and assessed in accordance with Test Level 3 (TL3) of the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 350.

Crash testing of the FLEAT-SP in accordance with NCHRP Report 350 TL3 was undertaken with an 820kg small car and a 2,000kg pick-up truck travelling at 100km/h.

At the nose of the terminal, these impacts are performed end-on or at angles up to 15°. Along the length-of-need, impacts are performed at 20°.

Vehicle impacts at 5 degrees are not required as part of the NCHRP Report 350 test matrix, however research has shown that shallow angle impacts are often representative of real-life collisions.

The SKT-SP has been independently crash tested at impact angle of 5 degrees with an 820kg small car and a 2,000kg pick-up truck travelling at 100km/h. The successful outcomes of both tests met all vehicle trajectory requirements and occupant assessment criteria.

Recognising the importance of shallow angle impacts, the MASH crash test specification which supersedes NCHRP Report 350 requires 5 degree testing as part of the crash test evaluation for guardrail end terminals.

The SKT End Terminal is available in two length options;

  • The 7.62m SKT-SP (TL2) is approved for speed zones up to and including 70km/h.
  • The 15.24m SKT-SP (TL3) is approved for all speed zones up to 110km/h.

The spacing between posts is 1905mm.

Since all w-beam guardrail end terminals fall into the gating category, it is important that the terminal point-of-need is identified. This is the location along the terminal that has demonstrated complete containment and re-direction when subjected to a 2,000kg pick-up truck impacting at 20°. When assessed for TL3 conditions, the speed of the impact is performed at 100km/h.

The SKT-SP point-of-need is post location 3, a distance of 3.81m downstream from the start of the terminal.

Yes. The only difference in componentry between the SKT-SP and the FLEAT-SP is the impact head. All other items are interchangeable.

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