Australian Guardrail Manufacturer

Safe Direction is an Australian owned manufacturing company. Our roll-forming capabilities includes;

  • W-Beam Guardrail
  • Thriebeam Guardrail
  • C-Posts for W-beam Guardrail and Thriebeam
  • C-Blocks for W-beam Guardrail and Thriebeam
  • RAMSHIELD® Posts

Steel used for our roll-forming operation is manufactured locally by BlueScope Steel. Safe Direction guardrail complies with Australian Road Authority specifications and is laser engraved during manufacturing providing traceability to steel heat numbers. This important step distinguishes Safe Direction from other manufacturers who batch stamp. The batch stamping process may use coils that come from different heat numbers.

safe direction guardrail rolling line

Safe Direction’s process ensures its customers can be confident of receiving material test certificates corresponding to the heat number as marked on their guardrail product.

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