Bridge Barrier

Safe Direction have partnered with Hill and Smith of the UK to provide our customers with the most premium bridge barrier system available industry-wide – the VGAN300.

The VGAN300 is a rigid, modular bridge barrier system with demonstrated crash test results showing minimal deflections – even under high energy impacts.

It is fully endorsed throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East and North America, highlighting its international success.

This widely acclaimed bridge barrier system is manufactured entirely from aluminium and consists of sculptured posts, featuring extruded rails.

The system is both attractive and exceptionally durable, making it highly compatible for use on Australian roads.

VGAN300 safety bridge barrier
safe direction bridge barrier
VGAN300 bridge safety barrier

Features and Benefits

  • The VGAN300 sits up to 42 inches (1070mm) high and showcases a simple and robust design which is constructed using single piece cast aluminium supporting posts and 3 extruded sturdy aluminium rails. The system also comes with the option of a mesh infill for pedestrian anti-climb requirements and increased safety.
  • Premium quality materials are used to manufacture the VGAN300, promoting its suitability to extremely salty environments, deeming it user friendly for the harsh Australian coastline.
  • The modular form of the VGAN300 enables fast and simple assembly and can accommodate vertical alignments of up to ±2.5 degrees.
  • Post positioning within the system isn’t restricted by pre-fabricated construction, allowing for considerable construction tolerances.
  • Being a lightweight barrier system of only 28kg per metre, the VGAN300 allows for better quality bridge deck designs that are more cost effective and offers direct energy transfer to the bridge deck for reinforced strength.
  • The VGAN300 bridge barrier is composed entirely of aluminium, so it is weather-proof, corrosion-resistant and immune to ultraviolet rays thus requiring very little maintenance to ensure optimal performance and guaranteed lifetime durability.

How the VGAN300 Bridge Barrier Works

The modular VGAN300 bridge barrier system is comprised of 3 horizontal rail sections attached to supporting posts.

The system is manufactured from ‘special grade aluminium’ (to meet the demands of larger vehicle impacts) and is erected on the edge of the bridge structure.

The VGAN300 is specially designed to prevent errant vehicles from running off-course on highways and elevated roads.

In a collision, the cast aluminium posts absorb most of the impact energy, while the strategic curved placement of the extruded aluminium barrier rails serves to deflect the vehicle away from the edge of the barrier system and provide safe vehicle containment. The VGAN300 has demonstrated minimal deflection upon impact.

For more information on our newly available VGAN300 bridge barrier system, contact Safe Direction today on 1300 063 220.