cyclops shield

Blunt end culverts are typically installed at the end of a parallel to road V-ditch drain and are also commonly found under access roads and driveways, posing a life endangering roadside hazard for vehicle occupants in run-off road accidents.

The risk of impact with blunt end culverts is often exacerbated by their location which serves to effectively funnel errant vehicles into a traumatic collision.

Safe Direction’s recent launch of CyclopsShield™ safe culvert end is considered revolutionary in addressing the long-standing safety problem of roadside culvert end impacts.

The efficacy of CyclopsShield™ safe culvert end in lowering the risks to motorists from exposed blunt end culverts has been demonstrated through crash test impacts at 70 KM/H and 100KM/H. In both instances the impact vehicle was found to ride up and over the culvert without snagging.

safe culvert ends
blunt end culvert end crash impact
safe culvert end before car impact

How CyclopsShield® works

CyclopsShield® is a simple extension to a concrete culvert that replaces concrete headwalls and blunt ends.

The CyclopsShield® end provides a malleable and traversable surface for impacting vehicles, permitting them to simply run up the embankment free of any violent collision impact.

Features and Benefits

  • CyclopsShield® safe culvert end is expertly designed to eliminate snagging hazards and significantly reduce culvert crash impact severity.
  • CyclopsShield® is practical in the sense it can easily be installed onto existing concrete culvert pipes.
  • The absence of bars in CyclopsShield® makes it less likely to catch debris, therefore reducing the occurrence of drain blockage and effectively minimising potential hazards to motorists.
  • CyclopsShield® safe culvert end is more affordable than chamfered pre-cast concrete ends with traversable bars – offering a cost saving alternative.

Safe Direction’s uniquely developed CyclopsShield® safe culvert end is the only MASH performance tested culvert safety end at Levels 2 and 3 – offering unprecedented gold standard roadside protection to Australian motorists.

To find out more about our cutting edge CyclopsShield® safe culvert end, contact Safe Direction on 1300 063 220.