NCHRP-350 FLEAT End Terminal

Roads safety barrier systems are designed to shield vehicles from striking a hazard. Steel guardrail systems are the world’s most widely specified safety barrier systems and have significantly contributed to improving the safety of our regions roads.

The strength of a steel guardrail system is primarily developed through a combination of the flexural resistance of the rail and the bending resistance of the supporting posts.

In addition, the use of end terminals is an important characteristic in the function of steel guardrail system.  Terminals are the specially designed end pieces located at the leading and trailing end of the system.

fleat end terminal road traffic barrier
fleat end terminal full scale crash tested for guardrailing
fleat end terminal road barrier

End terminals are designed to anchor the steel guardrail system and introduce the necessary tensile and flexural strength required for safe vehicle containment and re-direction throughout the length-of-need section.

Some guardrail end terminals also provide the additional feature of reducing the severity of an impact near or at the end of the system.

The FLEAT guardrail end terminal is a flared, energy-absorbing end terminal, designed to minimise the severity of impacts occurring at the end of the safety barrier system.

Designed for attachment directly to w-beam guardrail, the FLEAT is one of the world’s leading end treatment solutions and is fully compliant to the requirements of NCHRP Report 350.

The straight flare design feature allows the FLEAT to be installed at a variable offset from 760mm to 1220mm.