Public Domain W-Beam Guardrail

Safe Direction’s Public Domain W-Beam guardrail is one of the most widely used guardrail systems in Australia.

This semi-rigid safety barrier system is comprised of a rail element known as w-beam, which is blocked out from specially-engineered supporting posts.

The smart design of the w-beam guardrail enables the posts to absorb some of the crash energy, reducing vehicle occupant risk and limiting the damage of the impacting vehicle.

w beam guardrail road crash barrier
public domain w beam guardrail
public domain w beam guard rail road barrier

How Public Domain W-Beam Works

The composition of the W-beam system commonly varies according to state road authority requirements.

Whilst the rail element design essentially remains the same, the design of the supporting posts and blocking pieces can sometimes differ depending on their site application.

Adjacent rails are bolted together forming a splice connection, and end terminals are placed at either end to anchor the system.

Upon impact, the posts absorb some of the crash energy through the post’s rotation into the surrounding soil, prior to separation from the rail, as they fully yield.

Once the rail separates from the posts, it forms a re-directive ribbon guiding the vehicle away from the nearby hazard.

The blocking pieces positioned between the rail and posts minimise vehicle snagging and reduce the potential for the vehicle to vault over the barrier, by maintaining rail height during the initial stages of impact.

Features and Benefits

  • Public Domain W-Beam Guardrail is high in visibility, promoting driver safety even in the most obscure road conditions.
  • W-Beam guardrail system has an effective post and block design, which combines the flexible resistance of the rigid guardrail with the bending resistance of the supporting posts, to reduce potential vehicle rollover and minimises the collision impact on both vehicles and their occupants.
  • The guardrail barrier system can be restructured to accommodate various rail configurations depending on road authority requirements (such as single rail W-Beam, double rail W-Beam and Thriebeam rails).
  • W-Beam is also highly versatile in its design configuration and can be applied to diverse site applications including concave and convex road sections, as well as verge and median locations.

All Safe Direction products are crash tested to comply with local and international industry standards and can be custom designed and crafted to cater to all site applications.

For more information on the Public Domain W-Beam guardrail contact Safe Direction on 1300 063 220.