RAMSHIELD® Guardrail


RAMSHIELD® Guardrail is the latest innovation and advancement in w-beam guardrail barrier designs. Developed by Safe Direction, RAMSHIELD® Guardrail has been full-scale crash tested to MASH Test Level 3.

Providing a forgiving roadside environment reduces the consequences for vehicles leaving the safe, travelled way. Hazards such as trees, utility poles, culverts and embankments are often located adjacent to roadways and relocating them is often impractical. In these instances, shielding with a longitudinal safety barrier, such as RAMSHIELD® Guardrail is the most appropriate solution.

W-beam guardrail barrier designs have developed over the years and are used to safely contain and re-direct errant vehicles away from nearby hazards. Guardrail barriers reduce the severity of run-off-the-road crashes and have made a significant contribution to the safety of our region’s roads.

ramshield guard rail
ramshield road traffic barrier
backview of ramshield guardrail with c post

RAMSHIELD® Guardrail has significantly advanced the containment level of w-beam guardrail by introducing patented technology into the behaviour of the post during impact. This results in a safer barrier design with fewer components allowing more metres of barrier to be deployed per public dollar to protect Australian motorists

RAMSHIELD® Guardrail achieves a controlled redirection of errant vehicles by releasing the w-beam rail from the post at an optimal load to retain rail height, limit dynamic deflection and to allow the post to collapse without tripping the vehicle.

The separation of the w-beam rail from the post is achieved by a release tab incorporated into the post. The tab is designed to pull forward and tear from the post and remains connected to the w-beam rail to ensure there is no debris from the system that may otherwise present as a danger to other motorists.

RAMSHIELD® Guardrail uses standard w-beam guardrail and standard fasteners meaning there is very little risk of inadvertent use of non-compliant items.

The posts have been designed to collapse upon impact yielding proximate to the ground surface. This distinguishes RAMSHIELD® Guardrail from heavier post systems which rely on the post rotating in the ground prior to collapse. The post collapsing near the ground surface ensures more reliable performance that is not as dependent on soil conditions. Moreover the collapse mechanism of the post makes RAMSHIELD® Guardrail suitable for use in concreted mowing strips and/or deep asphalt applications which are problematic to the performance of heavier post systems.

The working mechanism of RAMSHIELD® Guardrail is a patented concept designed and developed by Safe Direction. The concept is the latest innovation in guardrail design and sets a new benchmark in simplicity and performance.