Motorcycle Protection Guardrail Barrier

Biker Shield (1)


  • Guardrail compliant to AS/NZS 3845.1:2015 Road Safety Barrier Systems & Devices
  • Compliant to MASH Test Level 3 (3-10)
  • Crash tested to simulate a dismounted, sliding rider
  • Designed for attachment to RAMSHIELD® Guardrail
  • BIKER-SHIELD™ is positioned below the w-beam guardrail panel and prevents a dismounted motorcyclist from contacting the supporting posts of the guardrail barrier.
  • The flexible mounting bracket connects directly to the w-beam guardrail panel and absorbs rider impact energy providing a forgiving impact.
  • Face of BIKER-SHIELD™ aligns with the face of w-beam guardrail reducing the potential for rider pocketing and/or snagging
  • BIKER-SHIELD™ Guardrail FAQs