Australia’s leading supplier of crash barriers for roads, bridges, car parks and warehouses

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Safe Direction is a leading developer, supplier and manufacturer of crash barrier solutions for roads, bridges, car parks and warehouses. A member of the Jaybro group of companies, Safe Direction is the industry leader in the development of guardrail barrier systems providing safe vehicle containment and redirection.

Our proprietary roadside and bridge barrier systems include RamShield®, CrocGuard® and HammerBeam™ and are full-scale crash tested to demonstrate compliance with MASH guidelines. MASH is the basis of testing procedures for road safety systems as stated in Australian Standard 3845.1 and adopted by all Australian State Road Agencies.

Our RhinoStop® car park and warehouse barrier systems feature energy absorbing baseplate designs, reducing the number of anchors per post and simplifying installation. RhinoStop® is crash tested in accordance with Australian Standard 1170.1 demonstrating vehicle containment when installed along the edge of an elevated concrete car park deck. The RhinoStop® systems are fully modular and can be configured to various system heights providing pedestrian fall protection.

We are an Australian manufacturer with distribution facilities across Australia providing reduced lead-times and local sales support. We work collaboratively with architects, engineers and constructors providing technical expertise and economic solutions.

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