Sentryline-M Wire Rope Safety Barrier

Sentryline-M wire rope safety barrier provides safe vehicle containment and redirection, utilising the tensile strength of tensioned wire rope supported by steel posts. The innovative cable to post connection facilitates rapid installation as the cables can be installed in any order and removed and re-attached individually.

The system is anchored with non-release terminals and may be installed on the shoulder (verge) or in the median to prevent dangerous cross-over accidents.

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  • Accepted by the Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel (ASBAP).
  • Complies with MASH TL4 and MASH TL3.
  • Complies with AS/NZS 3845.1 Road Safety Barrier Systems & Devices.
  • Steel posts supporting tensioned wire rope cables.
  • Non-release end terminal allows the system to remain anchored following design impacts.
  • Soft vehicle containment and re-direction.
  • Posts may be placed within concrete footings or driven sockets.
  • Post spacing: 2.0m to 3.0m centres.

Crash test evaluation:

  • 1100kg Passenger Car travelling at 100km/h & 25 degrees (MASH 4-10).
  • 2270kg Pick-up Truck travelling at 100km/h & 25 degrees (MASH 4-11).
  • 10,000kg Rigid Truck travelling at 90km/h & 15 degrees (MASH 4-12).

Austroads acceptance:

Product variants:

  • Driven post sleeve.
  • Base plate installation.

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