RHINO-STOP® Warehouse Guardrail

The latest innovation in modular warehouse guardrail barrier systems, combining energy absorbing RhinoPosts® with the strength of w-beam guardrail.

Type F barrier standard
rhino stop safety barriers


  • Full-scale crash tested.
  • Crash tested on the perimeter edge of a 150mm thick, elevated concrete slab.
  • Compliant to the 30kN vehicle impact load (Type F) described in AS/NZS 1170.1, Clause 3.8.
  • Containment of a 1500kg passenger car, impacting 0.5m above floor level, traveling at 15km/h.
  • Fully modular system.
  • Can be configured with integrated pedestrian fall protection.
  • Just one (1) M20 anchor bolt per RhinoPost®.

“Our Company undertakes the repair of existing and installation of new guardrail and pedestrian fencing in the Sydney region.

We use Safe Direction for the supply of the hardware. They are the very best in my view, timely, well organised, conscientious, very easy to deal with and the prices are reasonable.

Orders are ready to pick up in a short time which helps our business because we receive jobs at short notice and need hardware at short notice. Thanks for your help over the years Safe Direction we really appreciate your efforts.”

John Hunt – Hunt Civil P/L

RHINO-STOP® Warehouse Guardrail FAQs

How does RhinoStop® work?

All RhinoStop® barriers incorporate a unique patented yielding base plate that minimises the peak loads transferred to the post anchors. The yielding behaviour of the base plate absorbs vehicle impact energy and prevents damage to the concrete substrate.

What Standards were referenced to evaluate RhinoStop®?

RhinoStop® has been crash tested to validate compliance with the 30kN (Type F) vehicle impact load described in AS/NZS 1170.1, Clause 3.8.

What crash tests were performed with RhinoStop®?

Crash testing was performed with the RhinoStop® SkyEdge system positioned on the edge of a 150mm thick, suspended concrete slab.

A 1500kg passenger car travelling at 15km/h was impacted on one (1) w-beam guardrail panel supported by three (3) RhinoPosts®. The height of impact was 0.5m above ground level.

What are the benefits of Safe Direction’s crash test evaluation?

Safe Direction’s crash test evaluation is designed to represent the worst, or most critical, impact conditions when evaluating RhinoStop®:

  • The RhinoPosts® are installed on the edge of 150mm thick, suspended concrete slab, thoroughly evaluating the potential for concrete edge failure and the suitability of the anchor embedment depth.
  • Vehicle impacts are performed at up to twice the speed nominated by AS/NZS 1170.1.
  • Short-length barrier systems, designed to distribute the impact load on fewer posts and produce the largest system deflection.
What is the minimum number of posts required for a RhinoStop® installation?

A minimum three (3) RhinoPosts® are required per installation.

What is the spacing between posts?

The spacing between the RhinoPosts® shall not exceed 2m.

How is RhinoStop® manufactured?

RhinoStop® features an all-steel construction, with hot dip galvanised RhinoPosts® and w-beam guardrails.

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