Our International Partners

Safe Direction is internationally recognised as an industry leader in the supply and development of safety barrier solutions for roadside, carpark and warehouse applications. Safe Direction has teamed up with several international partners ensuring its customers have access to global leading products and services. Our international partners include;

Road Systems Inc: The USA’s leading manufacturer and developer of guardrail end terminals including the SKT and FLEAT End Terminals.

Steelgal NZ: Suppliers of lighting and road safety barrier solutions and New Zealand distributor of RAMSHIELD® and the RHINO-STOP® range of products.

Tertu Equipements: A world leader in the market of mixed wood and steel guardrail systems based in France with products sold in more than 40 countries.

PASS + Co: Germany’s longest established manufacturers of crash barriers and suppliers to Safe Direction of the BIKER-SHIELD® motorcycle protection barrier.

Varley and Gulliver: Global leader in development and safety in design for bridge parapet barrier systems.

Saferoads International: Developers of the Cyclops-Shield® designed to reduce the impact severity of culvert ends.

Volkmann & Rossbach: One of Europe’s market leaders in road and traffic safety. VR is known for their state-of-the-art mobile steel barriers, road markings and vehicle restraint systems for all containment levels and applications.

Hill & Smith: A global leader in the manufacture and design of road safety barrier products including BRIFEN Wire Rope Barrier, recognised as the industry leader with installations in over 30 countries.

safe direction's international partners