MASH Test Level 3 crash cushion supplied as a fully pre-assembled unit for fast, easy, installation.

Mash 3 Compliant-02


  • Non-gating redirective MASH TL 3 crash cushion
  • Compliant to AS/NZS 3845 crash testing
  • The most narrow crash cushion on the market
  • All steel construction with no expiring components
  • Fully hot-dip galvanised for excellent durability
  • Pre-assembled for rapid installation
  • Modular construction for minimising repair costs
  • Length 5920mm, width 590mm, height 867mm


How does HERCULES Function?

HERCULES captures vehicles impacting the head of the system and brings them to a safe arrest via high energy dissipating crushable elements. Side impacts are controlled by HERCULES with a safe stable redirection of the errant vehicle.

What does non-gating and re-directive mean?

Non-gating and re-directive means that vehicles impacting on the side from the very nose of the system are restrained and redirected along the impacted traffic side of the barrier i.e. they do not break through the head of the system and continue onward towards any opposing hazard.

What crash tests impacts have been performed with HERCULES?

Crash testing on HERCULES has been completed to the rigorous requirements of MASH necessitating a multitude of impacts with small and large vehicles to validates its performance:

  • Test 3.30, 1100kg sedan, 100km/h, 0 degrees and ¼ offset
  • Test 3.31, 2270kg Pick Up Truck, 100km/h, 0 degrees centre
  • Test 3.32, 1100kg sedan, 100km/h, 15 degrees
  • Test 3.33, 2270kg Pick Up Truck, 100km/h, 15 degrees
  • Test 3.34, 1100kg sedan, 100km/h, 15 degrees Critical Side Impact Point
  • Test 3.35, 2270kg Pick Up Truck, 100km/h, 25 degrees Beginning Length of Need
  • Test 3.36, 2270kg Pick Up Truck, 100km/h, 25 degrees Critical Side Impact Point
  • Test 3.37, 2270kg Pick Up Truck, 100km/h, 25 degrees Reverse Critical Side Impact Point
Can HERCULES be repaired?

All elements of the upper construction damaged during impact can be replaced and repaired. The system consists of a repeated modular construction that makes for a simple repair process. Safe Direction® carries a full suite of replacement parts.

Does HERCULES have any parts that have an expiry date from UV deterioration?

HERCULES is an all-steel construction and hence has no plastic components that deteriorate from UV exposure. All components of the HERCULES system are hot-dip galvanised providing the best in class long term durable solution.

Can HERCULES be used to replace other crash cushion systems?

In most instances, HERCULES can swap out other crash terminal systems; contact Safe Direction® for confirmation for individual site applications.

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