HammerBeam™ Bridge & Culvert Barrier

Hammerbeam™ combines the strength of thrie-beam guardrail with the yielding behaviour of the RamShield® W-Beam post for longitudinal barrier installations along the edge of elevated structures such as culverts or bridges.

The RamShield® post is designed to collapse upon impact distinguishing it from heavier, rigid post systems which become problematic when attached to concrete structures. The yielding performance of the RamShield® post reduces forces transferred to the elevated structure preventing damage and facilitating ease of repair.

Mash 3 Compliant-02


  • Complies with MASH TL3
  • Complies with AS/NZS 3845.1 Road Safety Barrier Systems & Devices
  • Complies with AS 5100.1 Bridge Design (Low Performance Barriers)
  • Available with side mount or baseplate posts
  • Side mounting aligns the face of the thrie-beam rail with the edge of the elevated structure maximising usable bridge and culvert width
  • Simple replacement of posts following design impacts
  • Use of standard components eliminates the requirement for bespoke designs
  • Narrow width: just 180mm
  • Standard post spacing: 2m centres

Crash test evaluation:

  • Crash tests performed on the edge of an elevated concrete beam
  • Crash tested with and without a 200mm high hob
  • 1100kg Passenger Car travelling at 100km/h & 25 degrees (MASH 3-10)
  • 2270kg Pick-up Truck travelling at 100km/h & 25 degrees (MASH 3-11)

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