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RHINO-STOP® Guardrail Safety Barrier

The latest innovation in modular car park guardrail safety barrier systems providing superior design, rapid installation and driver confidence.

Type F


  • Guardrail crash tested to demonstrate compliance with AS/NZS 2890.1: Parking Facilities – Off Street Car Parking.
  • Crash tested on the perimeter edge of 150mm thick suspended concrete slab with no damage to the anchor bolts or concrete.
  • Guardrail compliant to the 30kN impact load (Type F) described in AS/NZS 1170.1: Structural Design Actions, Part 1.
  • Crash tested with a 1500kg vehicle impacting the barrier 0.5m above floor level, travelling at 15km/h at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Can be configured to provide pedestrian fall protection (1100mm or 1300mm high).
  • Post spacing: 2.0m.
  • Number of anchor bolts per post: 1 off M20, minimum embedment depth 100mm.
  • Hot dip galvanised with option of powder-coated finish.
  • RHINO-STOP®️ Guardrail FAQs

What is the finish of Rhino-Stop®?

RHINO-STOP®️ posts and w-beam guardrails are hot dip galvanised. Powder-coating of w-beam guardrails is an optional extra.

How does Rhino-Stop® function?

RHINO-STOP®️ w-beam guardrail safety barrier features specially engineered base plates that are designed to yield upon impact and absorb the kinetic energy of the impacting vehicle. This reduces the forces transferred through the anchor bolts and prevents damage to the concrete substrate.

How does the performance of Rhino-Stop® compare with traditional posts with base plates?

Traditional w-beam guardrail safety barrier posts with base plates typically require up to four (4) anchor bolts per post and are limited to the pull-out strength provided by the anchors. It is common for these w-beam guardrail safety barrier systems to fail at low impact loads and there is often extensive damage to the concrete substrate. The yielding action of the RHINO-STOP®️ absorbs impact energy at a controlled rate. This allows the system to withstand high loads and reduces the forces transferred to the concrete substrate, preventing damage to the anchors. This is an important consideration for car park owners.