CrocGuard® Bridge & Culvert Barrier

CrocGuard® is a revolutionary bridge & culvert barrier spanning up to 16m between abutment posts. Featuring a unique composite design comprising external thrie-beam rails that encases a concrete core, the system transfers impact loads to the posts at each abutment.

CrocGuard® applications include weak bridge decks that have insufficient structural capacity to withstand vehicle impact loads from a conventional post and rail barrier or culverts where there is insufficient fill height to support posts or a strip footing.

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  • Accepted by the Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel (ASBAP)
  • Complies with MASH TL4 and MASH TL3
  • Complies with AS/NZS 3845.1 Road Safety Barrier Systems & Devices
  • Complies with AS/NZS 5100.1 Bridge Design, Regular Performance Level
  • Up to 16m span without posts
  • Available in module lengths of 8m, 10m, 12m, 14m & 16m
  • Eliminates the often-destructive hydraulic load applied to bridges and culverts from conventional post and rail barriers during overtopping from flood waters
  • Outstanding durability and resistance to damage from vehicle impacts

Crash test evaluation:

  • Crash tests performed on the edge of an elevated deck
  • 1100kg Passenger Car travelling at 100km/h & 25 degrees (MASH 4-10)
  • 2270kg Pick-up Truck travelling at 100km/h & 25 degrees (MASH 4-11)
  • 10,000kg Rigid Truck travelling at 90km/h & 15 degrees (MASH 4-12)

Austroads acceptance:

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    What crash test impacts have been performed with CrocGuard® bridge barrier?

    CrocGuard® Bridge Barrier has been crash-tested in accordance with MASH TL4 as follows:

    • 10,000kg rigid truck travelling at 90 km/h and 15 degrees. Impact energy 0f 209kJ
    • 2,270kg pick -up truck travelling at 100km/h and 25 degrees. Impact energy of 156kJ
    • 1,100kg passenger car travelling at 100km/h and 25 degrees. Impact energy of 76kJ

    The RamShield® Bridge Approach transition has been crash-tested with MASH TL3 as follows:

    • 2,270kg pick-up truck travelling at 100km/h and 25 degrees. Impact energy of 156kJ
    • 1,100kg passenger car travelling at 100km/h and 25 degrees. Impact energy of 76kJ
    How does CrocGuard® connect to the Approach and departure bridge transitions?

    CrocGuard® connects to the approach and departure guardrail via traditional lapped splice joints with standard fasteners as used for conventional guardrail assembly

    Does CrocGuard® come in varying lengths?

    Standard lengths for CrocGuard® are 8m, 10m 12m, 14m and 16m

    Is CrocGuard® supplied as a finished composite steel and concrete beam?

    Yes, the beam is supplied ready to use, the only on-site concrete required is for the abutment post footings

    How long does it take to install a CrocGuard® barrier?

    The largest length CrocGuard® beam of 16 metres can be installed in less than 1 hour. This includes auguring abutment post holes, beam and post assembly, lowering into position and pouring concrete abutment post footings. Note this assumes no rock is encountered in auguring post footings

    Does Safe Direction provide clutch connectors for the Reid Swift Lift anchor points?

    Yes, clutches are supplied on loan by Safe Direction. Customers also have the option to purchase them