Car Park Barrier & W Beam Guardrail Accessories

Attachments for W-Beam guardrail.


  • Designed for attachment to w-beam guardrail
  • Shields sharp edges and provides a quality finish
  • Short bullnose (stumpy)
  • Fishtail end
  • Yellow end cap
  • 90° connectors
  • Flexible connectors

“Our Company undertakes the repair of existing and installation of new guardrail and pedestrian fencing in the Sydney region.

We use Safe Direction for the supply of the hardware. They are the very best in my view, timely, well organised, conscientious, very easy to deal with and the prices are reasonable.

Orders are ready to pick up in a short time which helps our business because we receive jobs at short notice and need hardware at short notice. Thanks for your help over the years Safe Direction we really appreciate your efforts.”

John Hunt – Hunt Civil P/L

Car Park Barrier Accessories FAQs

What are guardrail accessories used for?

Guardrail Accessories are designed for attached to w-beam guardrail. They shield the ends of the guardrail barrier or allow for changes in angles throughout the barrier system.

What are the available accessories?

Guardrail Accessories include short bullnoses, yellow end caps, fishtail terminals and right angle connectors.

What is the length of a short Bullnose?

A short bullnose will extend 440mm from the centreline of the end post.

What is the length of a Fishtail?

A fishtail terminal will extend 560mm from the centreline of the end post.

How is a Yellow End Cap attached?

A yellow end cap will slide over the end of the w-beam guardrail panel. Adhesive may be used but is not mandatory. The yellow end cap will extend 160mm from the centreline of the end post.

What is the finish of guardrail accessories?

Short bullnoses, fishtail terminals and right angle connectors are hot dip galvanised. Powder-coating is an optional extra.

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