RHINO-STOP Elite features specially engineered base plates that are designed to yield upon impact and absorb the kinetic energy of the impacting vehicle. This reduces the forces transferred through the anchor bolts and prevents damage to the concrete substrate.

RHINO-STOP Elite has been crash tested to comply with the 40kN Type G impact load (Medium Traffic Areas) and the 30kN Type impact load (Light Traffic Areas) described in AS/NZS 1170.1).

The Type G impact was performed using a 2000kg vehicle travelling at 20km/h impacting 1m above floor level. This impact condition demonstrates the ability of RHINO-STOP Elite to contain heavy vehicles with a high centre of gravity and is highly representative of the large number of SUVs using Australian carparks.

The Type F impact was performed using a 1500kg vehicle travelling at 15km/h impacting 0.5m above floor level.

Each impact condition was evaluated with RHINO-STOP Elite mounted on a 150mm thick suspended slab. Each post was anchored with two (2) M20 anchors with an embedment depth of 100mm. There was no damage to the anchors or concrete following the crash tests.

The maximum spacing between RHINO-STOP Elite posts is 2300mm.

RHINO-STOP Elite is manufactured with a distance of 102mm between balusters. This meets the Building Code of Australia requirements that a balustrade system should not allow a 125mm sphere to pass through any opening.

The installed height of RHINO-STOP Elite is 1100mm. An optional 1300mm sight rail attachment is available.

RHINO-STOP Elite is hot dip galvanised. Powder-coating is an optional extra.

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