Boundary Fence FAQs

How can I use Boundary Fencing?

Boundary Fencing is used to prevent unauthorised vehicle access into open spaces such as park, sporting fields, native areas and recreation areas.

How is Boundary Fencing assembled?

Boundary Fencing is assembled using guardrail c-posts that are driven directly into the ground. The c-posts feature 26mm diameter holes to accommodate steel cables which can be configured in a twin or triple high arrangement. The end posts are fabricated with steel plates that allow the cables to be terminated using cable clamps.

What is the recommended spacing between posts?

Posts are typically installed at 3m centres.

What is the finish of Boundary Fencing items?

Boundary Fencing posts are hot dip galvanised.

How many cables can the Boundary Fencing be installed with?

The Pedestrian Boundary Fencing can be configured with twin or triple cable arrangement.