RAMSHIELD® Guardrail

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RAMSHIELD® Guardrail is the latest innovation in traffic barrier systems that can be found on our roads, setting a new benchmark in simplicity and performance in Australian road safety standards.

The working mechanism of RAMSHIELD® Guardrail is a patented concept exclusively designed and manufactured by Safe Direction.

The primary function of our RAMSHIELD® Guardrail barrier system is to reduce the severity of run-off-the-road crashes by providing shielding with a longitudinal safety barrier to protect and redirect vehicles from hazards that are adjacently located to roadways (such as trees, utility poles, culverts and embankments).

RAMSHIELD® Guardrail has been full-scale crash tested to MASH Test Level 3 yielding optimum performance results and has already made a significant contribution to enhancing the safety of our roads.

ramshield guard rail
ramshield road traffic barrier
backview of ramshield guardrail with c post

How RAMSHIELD® Guardrail works

RAMSHIELD® Guardrail releases the W-Beam rail from the post at an optimal load to retain rail height and limit dynamic deflection.

The separation of the W-Beam rail from the post is initiated by the release tab incorporated into the post. The tab is designed to partially tear when pulled forward from the post, while remaining connected to the W-Beam rail, to ensure motorists aren’t endangered by the release of any floating debris from the system.

This ingenious design concept allows the post to collapse without tripping the vehicle and achieves a controlled redirection of errant vehicles.

Features and Benefits

RAMSHIELD® Guardrail uses standard W-Beam guardrail and standard fasteners – so there is minimal risk of inadvertent use occurring from non-compliant items.

The superior collapse mechanism of RAMSHIELD® Guardrail posts makes them suitable for use in deep asphalt and concreted mowing strip applications, which can be problematic to the performance of heavier post systems.

Unlike heavier post systems which rely on the post rotating in the ground prior to collapse, RAMSHIELD® Guardrail posts are designed to collapse near the ground surface and are engineered to provide a more reliable and controlled performance upon impact which is not dependent on soil conditions.

The RAMSHIELD® Guardrail system is also comprised of fewer components than W-Beam guardrail barrier systems, allowing more metres of barrier to be deployed per public dollar to protect Australian motorists.

Safe Direction’s in-house roll forming, manufacturing and engineering design expertise means we are well positioned to respond to the needs of our clients.

Our manufacturing team is part of a highly skilled engineering network that specialises in the delivery of bespoke solutions, enabling us to also cater to custom design requests.

For more information on our RAMSHIELD® Guardrail barrier system, get in touch with Safe Direction on 1300 063 220.