Public Domain Transition SBTA 21-005

The Public Domain Transition, SBTA 21-005 was developed by Austroads to provide a smooth, snag-free connection between steel guardrail barriers and rigid concrete barrier.

The Austroads design considers successful transition testing performed by the Midwest Roadside Research Facility (MwRSF) at the University of Nebraska. Whilst crash testing of the Austroads design demonstrated differing vehicle stability to the MwRSF transition, Austroads decided to recommend a transition that incorporated local components that was close to the design used by MwRSF.


Crash test evaluations:

  • 2270kg Pick-up Truck travelling at 100km/h & 25 degrees (MASH 3-21).

Austroads acceptance:

“Our Company undertakes the repair of existing and installation of new guardrail and pedestrian fencing in the Sydney region.

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