Coles Tooronga Car Park

Located at Tooronga, Victoria, the Coles multi-deck car park provides 7 levels of parking for 900 vehicles. Constructed by ICON Construction Australia, approximately 1800m of RHINO-STOP® Type 4 car park barrier was installed providing perimeter edge and split level protection.

Originally specifying spring steel buffer, the design was changed to the RHINO-STOP® car park barrier system due to concern about the wobbly nature and associated perceived insecurity of spring steel buffers when installed with a balustrade.

Developed in response to demand from Australian designers and certifiers, the RHINO-STOP® car park barrier is an energy-absorbing, semi-rigid barrier providing reduced dynamic deflection. The energy absorbing feature reduces damage to the impacting vehicle and the barrier system. The semi-rigid feature of RHINO-STOP® reduces the space requirement between fixed object hazards and the barrier, conserving valuable floor space.

RHINO-STOP® has been crash tested in accordance with the loading requirements described in AS/NZS 1170.1 (Type F loading).

RHINO-STOP® is a modular car park barrier system that may be installed as a stand-alone barrier for car park and warehouse applications or be installed with accessories to add a handrail or anti-climb mesh infill panels for perimeter fall protection.

Important for elevated deck applications, RHINO-STOP® is anchored with a single M20 fixture with the option of using a mechanical through/expansion bolt or a chemical anchor.

For more information on the RHINO-STOP® car park safety barrier call Safe Direction on 1300 063 220.