Car Park Barrier Column Guards FAQs

How do Column Guards function?

Column Guards feature posts with base plates supporting w-beam guardrail. They are design to protect columns from accidental impacts.

What are the available configuration?

Column guardrail may be installed as full ring or semi-circle barriers. W-beam guardrail may be installed as single or double height barrier.

What is the minimum curvature for W-Beam guardrail?

Safe Direction can curve guardrails to a 500mm radius.

How many anchor bolts does each post require?

Typically each post is anchored with four (4) M20 anchor with a typical embedment depth of 105mm.

What is the finish of Column Guards?

Column Guard posts and w-beam guardrails are hot dip galvanised. Powder-coating of w-beam guardrails is an optional extra.

What are Column Guards made of?

Our car park barrier column guards are made of hot dip galvanised Australian steel.