CyclopsShield™ Safe Culvert End

Cyclops-Shield™ provides protection against the blunt ends of roadside culverts by deforming upon vehicle impact creating a traversable surface. Culverts located under crossroads and driveways present a vehicle snagging hazard when installed parallel to the roadway.

Cyclops-Shield™ is a MASH compliant alternative to expensive traversable gratings and does not affect the hydrology of the culvert.

Mash 2 Compliant-01
Mash 3 Compliant-02


  • Complies with MASH TL3 and MASH TL2
  • Significantly reduces impact severity
  • Eliminates dangerous snagging hazards associated with the blunt ends of culvert pipes
  • Can be retrofitted to existing concrete culvert pipes
  • Suits culverts with internal diameters ND225 to 450mm
  • Low-cost alternative to traversable gratings

Crash test evaluation:

  • 1100kg Passenger Car travelling at 70km/h & 0 degrees (MASH 2-10)
  • 1100kg Passenger Car travelling at 100km/h & 0 degrees (MASH 3-10)

“The Manager at Safe Direction (James Foden) has been very helpful in the dealings North East Civil Construction have been involved with.”

Wayne Roberts

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