Why do we use BIKER-SHIELD™?

BIKER-SHIELD™ is a motorcyclist safety barrier system designed to reduce the impact severity for riders when colliding with a roadside guardrail barrier. BIKER-SHIELD™ is positioned below the guardrail beam and prevents a dismounted motorcyclist from contacting the supporting posts of the guardrail barrier system.

How does BIKER-SHIELD™ work?

BIKER-SHIELD™ provides safe rider containment and redirection through the combination of spring mounting brackets and lightweight, corrugated panels. The spring brackets attach directly to the guardrail beam mid-span between posts and absorbs the impact energy of the sliding rider.

How is BIKER-SHIELD™ attached to a guardrail barrier?

BIKER-SHIELD™ may be installed as part of a new RAMSHIELD® W-Beam or RAMSHIELD® High Containment (HC) installation or retrofitted to an existing installation as determined by the road asset owner.

The BIKER-SHIELD™ mounting bracket is secured to the rear of the guardrail beam mid-span between posts. The BIKER-SHIELD™ mounting bracket position is an important design consideration as vertical alignment with the face of the guardrail beam reduces the potential for rider snagging.

How is BIKER-SHIELD terminated at the ends?

A specially designed bullnose terminal is attached to the leading and trailing end of the BIKER-SHIELD™ system. The BIKER-SHIELD™ system should not extend into the guardrail end terminal section.