What crash testing has been performed with the Biker-Shield™?

BIKER-SHIELD has been crash tested in accordance with AS/NZS 3845.1:2015 Road Safety Barrier Systems & Devices. Testing requires dummy impacts to simulate a dismounted rider contacting the system at a guardrail post location and mid-span between posts. A vehicle impact was also performed in accordance with MASH Test Level 3 (3-10) to demonstrate the attachment of BIKER-SHIELD™ to RAMSHIELD® Guardrail does not affect safe vehicle containment and redirection.

How is Biker-Shield™ attached to Ramshield® guardrail?

The flexible mounting bracket connects directly to the w-beam guardrail panel and absorbs rider impact energy providing a forgiving impact. This ensures the face of BIKER-SHIELD™ aligns with the face of w-beam guardrail reducing the potential for rider pocketing and/or snagging.

How is Biker-Shield™ terminated at the end?

A specially-designed bullnose terminal is attached to the leading and trailing end of the BIKER-SHIELD™ system.

Can Biker-Shield™ be installed within the guardrail end terminal section?

BIKER-SHIELD should not be installed within the guardrail end terminal section. Guardrail end terminals should be installed in the crash tested configuration.

Which tools are needed to install BIKER-SHIELD™?

Tools required for the installation of BIKER-SHIELD™ guard railing include drill with 14mm and 18mm drill bit, drill driver with 24mm attachment, metal snips and 12mm diameter pinch bar.