MASH SKT End Terminal FAQs

What crash testing has been performed with the MSKT End Terminal?

The MSKT has been crash tested and assessed in accordance with Test Level 3 (TL3) of the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH). MASH is an update to and supersedes NCHRP Report 350 and is the basis of crash testing referenced in AS/NZS 3845.1.

What are the changes in between MASH and NCHRP Report 350 for the evaluation of end terminals?

In response to changes in the vehicle fleet, the pick-up truck has increased from 2000kg to 2270kg and the passenger car has increased from 820kg to 1100kg.

MASH redirection impacts are now performed at 25 degrees, an energy increase of 75% when compared with NCHRP Report 350.

MASH also requires oblique impacts at the nose of the terminal to be performed at 5 degrees. Research has shown that shallow angle impacts are often representative of real-life collisions.

How does a MSKT End Terminal function?

The MSKT guardrail end terminal uses the same technology that has demonstrated many years of excellent in-service performance with the NCHRP Report 350 complaint SKT.

The MSKT is an energy-absorbing, tangent end terminal, designed to minimise the severity of impacts occurring at the end of the safety barrier system. During head-on impacts, the MSKT impact head slides and sequentially kinks the w-beam guardrail as it moves through the head and exits away from the traffic face. The kinking action of the rail absorbs impact energy and brings the vehicle to a controlled stop.

What is the point-of-need for the MSKT End Terminal?

Since all w-beam guardrail end terminals fall into the gating category, it is important that the terminal point-of-need is identified. This is the location along the terminal that has demonstrated complete containment and re-direction when subjected to a 2,270kg pick-up truck impacting at 25°. When assessed for MASH TL3 conditions, the speed of the impact is performed at 100km/h.

The MSKT point-of-need is post location 3, a distance of 3.81m downstream from the start of the terminal.

Are MSKT components interchangeable with NCHRP Report 350 SKT Terminal?

Yes. The MSKT impact head may be used as a replacement item with NCHRP Report 350 compliant SKT Terminals.

Which tools are needed to install MASH SKT End Terminal?

Tools required for the installation of the MASH SKT End Terminal are the same as those used for the installation of standard guardrail, including post driving equipment or auger, hand tamper, impact driver-drill with attachments and metal snips.