Column Guards

In car park and warehouse settings, supporting columns are highly susceptible to accidental damage from vehicles.

Since it is not always practical to position pipework and columns in isolated areas away from traffic, protective carpark barrier systems such as column guards are imperative.

Safe Direction can configure W-beam guardrails for column guard installation at single or double height barrier points and are able to install column guardrails as full circle or semi-circle barriers, by curving guardrails to a 500mm radius if required.

Our column guard incorporates the strength and energy absorbing characteristics of the W-beam guardrail system and offers versatility through the ability to be customised for compatibility with site-specific requirements.

column guard for post protection
full circle single rail column guard
protect post beam with double rail column guard

Features and Benefits

  • Robust construction offers reliable and durable protection from damage for valuable assets, mitigating the costs of expensive repairs.
  • Suited to a variety of application sites (can be fitted to columns, posts, beams and other vertical surfaces in car parks and warehouse facilities).
  • Comes in various sizes (minimum radius is 500mm).
  • Full-circle or semi-circle units available with in-ground or base plate posts.
  • Can be configured for single rail or double rail heights (curved rails can be modified to suit site specific internal clearances)
  • Hot dip galvanised with the option of powder-coated rails in attractive luminous colours, for easy visibility to drivers and forklift operators, cautioning them when approaching beams or posts.

How Do Column Guards Work?

Column Guards are protective buffers designed to shield columns from accidental impacts. They feature posts with base plates supporting W-beam guardrails which can be hemmed around the vertical surface of a column.

In the event of a collision, the column guard has a shielding effect which serves to reduce impact damage, by providing a protective barrier between the vertical surface of the column or post and the colliding vehicle, thus absorbing the impact energy and preserving the structural integrity of the overall carpark barrier system.

For more information on our column guards and carpark barrier systems, contact Safe Direction today on 1300 063 220.