Departure Terminals

Longitudinal safety barriers are strategically designed to shield motorists from roadside hazards (such as trees, utility poles, culverts and embankments), and have made a significant contribution to enhancing the safety of our region’s roads.

In an ongoing quest to improve our nation’s road safety and provide the best possible outcomes for Australian road users, Safe Direction have led the way in the evolution of safety barrier systems through their distribution of expertly crafted departure terminals.

Departure terminals (also known as trailing terminals) are the specially designed end pieces commonly used on the trailing end of a guardrail system outside the clear zone of opposing traffic.

These end terminals are used to safely anchor and resist the tensile loads resulting from a vehicle collision downstream of the terminal.

Thanks to their carefully considered design, departure terminals effectively provide a forgiving roadside environment that reduces the consequences for vehicles leaving the safe travelled way.

departure terminals road guardrail system
departure terminal on the trailing end of a guardrail system
departure terminal road safety barrier

How do Departure Terminals Work?

Departure terminals are not crashworthy terminals which are designed to break away when they are directly struck; rather, they are intended to provide anchorage for guardrail systems.

Steel guardrail barriers typically comprise a rail element such as a W-beam.

In a W-beam guardrail configuration involving departure terminals, the adjacent rails are bolted together forming a splice connection, and end terminals are placed at either end to anchor the system.

The specialised design of departure terminals serves to anchor guardrail systems, by introducing the necessary tensile and flexural strength (required for safe vehicle containment and re- direction) throughout the ‘length-of-need section’ in the guardrail configuration.

When installed on divided roadways, the downstream ends of roadside barriers provide the necessary longitudinal support to redirect vehicles that impact the barriers near the end of the guardrail system.

Features and Benefits

  • Departure terminals provide an effective economical solution for anchoring safety barrier systems due to their simplistic design and compatible configuration to W-beam guardrail systems.
  • Departure terminals are specially designed to attach directly to W-beam guardrail enabling easy installation.
  • The hot dip galvanised components of departure terminals promote corrosion resistance and serve to enhance their sturdiness and durability.

Safe Direction’s road safety barriers undergo strict quality control measures throughout the entire manufacturing process, to ensure that they comply with Australian and international industry standards (AS/NZS 4680).

For more information on our departure terminals, contact Safe Direction on 1300 063 220.