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The RAMSHIELD® Edge is engineered to attach to RAMSHIELD® High Containment for installations on the hinge point of weak batters.

Using an innovative below-ground pin, the RAMSHIELD® Edge is able to restrain lateral movement of the guardrail post. This allows the post to yield by bending proximate to ground level, replicating post performance in flat, well-compacted terrain.

The RAMSHIELD® Edge pin is anchored in front of the barrier system, not relying on lateral support behind the post. This restraint mechanism is not reliant on soil type, compaction level or better geometry behind the post and can be validated with onsite dynamic load impacts using Safe Direction’s THOR machine.


Fully installed ramshield edge guardrail on a road
Ramshield edge below ground pins
Ramshield edge being tested with the THOR machine

Features and Benefits

The RAMSHIELD® Edge has been accepted by the Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel and complies with AS/NZS 3845.1 Road Safety Barrier Systems & Devices.

The RAMSHIELD® Edge is MASH TL4 and MASH TL3 compliant with a deflection of 1.6m deflection for MASH TL4 and a deflection of 0.9m for MASH TL3.

The restraining pins did not move and were reusable after the design impacts.