RHINO-STOP® Screen Guardrail System


Rhino-Stop® Screen guardrail is among the latest developments in carpark barrier technology.

This modular free-standing carpark barrier system provides floor to ceiling protection and can be constructed at any height up to 2.5 metres.

Commonly used for anti-throw protection, fall protection, stray light containment and perimeter security, Rhino-Stop® Screen is available with standard security mesh panels which can be customised to suit various site applications.

rhino stop screen perimeter edge fall protection barrier
rhino stop screen car park preimeter safety barrier
rhino stop screen perimeter edge pedestrian fall protection

Features and Benefits  

  • Rhino-Stop® Screen is a fully modular carpark barrier system that has been manufactured in accordance with Australian Building Code specifications and features 2m post spacing.
  • The guardrail is sturdy in its design and requires 4 anchor bolt per post.
  • Being a floor to ceiling impact protection security barrier system, Rhino-Stop® Screen consists of a robust configuration and comes with standard security anti-climb and anti-throw mesh panels, making it the ideal choice for site applications which require wide-ranging fall protection for pedestrians.
  • The energy absorbing technology used in the Rhino-Stop® Screen barrier system prevents damage to the concrete substrate, preserving the systems durability.
  • Rhino-Stop® Screen carpark barrier comes with hot dip galvanised components (with the option of a powder-coated finish) reinforcing its stability and enhancing its aesthetic appeal.
  • The versatile nature of Rhino-Stop® Screen makes customised solutions possible for non-standard applications, if needed).

How Rhino-Stop® Screen Works                                   

The defining features of Rhino-Stop® posts are the long cuts in the base plate which essentially break the plate into three fingers connected by a common stem.

The fingers allow the mounting of the post to occur in an upright fashion by enabling a separation from the anchor(s).

The Rhino-Stop® Screen carpark barrier system incorporates a unique patented yielding base plate that minimises the peak loads transferred to post anchors.

These base plates effectively absorb the kinetic energy of an impacting vehicle, reducing the forces transferred through the anchor bolts to prevent concrete substrate damage.

Upon impact from a vehicle or heavy load, a plastic hinge forms at the location where the fingers can be found on the post.

Once the post is mounted a backward rotation is set into motion, as the load capacity of the plastic hinge is designed to be less than the pull-out capacity of the anchor bolt.

The deflection of the system allows for greater load transfer to adjacent posts, thereby sharing the impact load from the vehicle – providing the highest level of protection from high speed impacts.

Safe Direction’s range of Rhino-Stop® barriers are designed, manufactured and tested to comply with Australian and international Industry Standards. Rhino-Stop® Screen complies with the 30Kn impact load described in AS/NZS 1170, and meets the requirements for off-street car park parking facilities stipulated in AS/NZS 2890.1.

For more information on our Rhino-Stop® Screen carpark barrier system, get in touch with Safe Direction today on 1300 063 220.