Rigid Posts

Rigid posts are the latest innovation in modular warehouse barrier systems providing superior design, rapid installation and promoting driver confidence.

Safe Direction’s W-beam guardrail, supported by rigid posts, is ideal for providing protection for plant, equipment and footpath areas.

Our rigid posts are available in three standard styles and sizes – the 700mm U-Post, 750mm C-Post and 1000mm C-Post.

The W-beam guardrail used alongside our rigid posts can also be manufactured in various standard lengths (1000mm, 2000mm, 2500mm 3000mm, 4000mm and 5000mm) to suit a broad range of site applications, with handrail options also available.

warehouse rigid post safety barrier
double rail rigid posts warehouse safety barriers
single rail rigid posts warehouse barriers

Features and Benefits

  • Effectively safeguards people, vehicles and property from low-energy impacts.
  • Simple modular warehouse barrier design requiring four anchor fixings per post, with variable spacing between posts, depending upon the hole distance provided by the W-beam guardrail.
  • Available in an assortment of styles and dimensions:
    • 700mm U-Post welded to a 300x300x10mm base plate (for mounting of single height w-beam guardrail)
    • 750mm C-post welded to a 200x280x20mm base plate (for mounting of single height w-beam guardrail)
    • 1000mm C-Post welded to a 200x280x20mm base plate (for mounting of double height w-beam guardrail)
  • Can be configured with a balustrade and customised for single rail or double rail requirements.
  • Rigid posts and W-beam guardrail are hot dip galvanised for reinforced stability with optional powder-coating available for enhanced visibility.

How Do Rigid Posts Work?

This modular impact barrier system typically consists of a W-beam guardrail supported by a rigid post system, which is designed to redirect vehicles and pedestrians away from potential safety hazards located near or behind the barrier.

In the event of a collision, the impact energy is dissipated through the vehicle itself upon the course of redirection.

The strength of a rigid post system is typically limited to the pull-out strength provided by the anchors, making it suitable for use in low-impact risk areas such as warehouses.

For more information on our warehouse barriers, including rigid posts, contact Safe Direction today on 1300 063 220.