When it comes to preventing nuisance impacts and managing vehicle flow in car parks and warehouses, a simple and effective solution such as a highly visible steel bollard is ideal.

The yellow powder-coated bollard provides a clear warning to drivers and pedestrians about potential safety hazards, such as narrow roads and high curbs.

bollards safety barrier
bollards car park barriers
bollard pedestrian lane safety barrier

Features and Benefits

  • Safe Direction’s steel bollard consists of a unique design which requires easy installation and minimal maintenance.
  • The bollard is versatile in its application and can be used in a variety of settings, including as part of a carpark barrier system, in warehouses, and along pathways.
  • The bollard is available in two size options (standard and large), comes with a base plate and is suitable for in-ground site applications.
  • Standard bollard dimensions: 90mm diameter x 1000mm high, with a base plate dimension of 200x200mm.
  • Large (heavy duty) bollard dimensions: 165mm diameter x 1200mm high, with a base plate dimension of 250x250mm.
  • The hot dip galvanised components of our bollard promote corrosion resistance and serve to enhance sturdiness and durability.
  • The vibrant powder-coated yellow finish of the bollard is visually effective and appeals to the senses to create visual containment and promote safety.
  • Bollards also offer effective barrier systems, by creating a perimeter wall or anti-ram barrier system which effectively prevents drivers from entering pedestrian-only zones.

How does the Bollard work?

Steel bollards are strategically positioned in car parks, adjacent to doorways in warehouses (to shield people from plant and equipment), and by the roadside to delineate potential hazards, offering protection to pedestrians and motorists from accidental impacts.

The fluorescent colour is effective in creating a highlighted boundary around areas which may pose a safety risk to the general public and employees.

For more information on our bollard and carpark barrier system, get in touch with Safe Direction today on 1300 063 220.