Wheel Stops

Wheel stops are common features in car parks. They provide a simple and effective solution when it comes to traffic calming and protecting vehicles and property from damage.

Safe Direction’s wheel stops are manufactured from recycled tyre crumb rubber and have a tough and durable composition, making them an ideal choice for use as part of a carpark barrier system.

wheel stop manufactured from recycled tyre crumb rubber
wheel stop
wheel stop mounted to asphalt

Features and Benefits

  • Simple design requiring only three anchors per wheel stop, enabling easy and speedy installation.
  • Structural dimensions are 1650mm long x 100mm high.
  • Wheel stop mass ranges from 16-18kg.
  • Wheel stops are versatile in their application and can be mounted to concrete or asphalt.
  • M16x140mm bolts recommended for concrete installation.
  • M12x300mm spikes recommended for asphalt installation.
  • Manufactured from recycled tyre crumb rubber in the interests of environmental conservation.
  • Safe Direction wheel stops are supplied with yellow reflective tape for enhanced visibility.

How Do Wheel Stops Work?

Wheel stops protect curbs and walls from vehicle damage by creating a boundary between vehicles and roadside obstacles, effectively restricting the vehicle’s ability to travel beyond the wheel stop.

They are also used to limit the travel of vehicles when manoeuvring into a parking space, as well as restrict vehicle encroachment into pedestrian areas and other car parking spaces, assisting in the prevention of nuisance impacts.

As a general safety precaution, wheel stops are recommended for use wherever the vertical drop to a lower level is between 150mm -600mm. They are also recommended for positioning in front of carpark barriers to prevent accidental impacts.

Safe Direction’s wheel stops are designed in accordance with AS/NZS 2890.1.

For more information on our wheel stops and carpark barrier systems, contact Safe Direction today on 1300 063 220.