NCHRP-350 FLEAT End Terminal

Flared Energy-Absorbing Terminal reducing the severity of impacts occurring at the end of the guardrail system.



  • Full-scale crash tested for guardrailing
  • Compliant to NCHRP Report 350
  • TL3 configuration (11.43m) suitable for all posted speed zones
  • TL2 configuration (7.62m) suitable for speeds up to and including 70kph
  • Designed for direct attachment to w-beam guardrail
  • Energy-absorbing, flared end terminal
  • Anchors the safety barrier system
  • FLEAT End Terminal FAQs

How does a FLEAT End Terminal function?

The FLEAT-SP guardrail end terminal is a flared, energy-absorbing end terminal, designed to minimise the severity of impacts occurring at the end of the safety barrier system.

During head-on impacts, the FLEAT-SP impact head slides over the w-beam guardrail. The w-beam is sequentially kinked as it moves through the head. The kinking action of the rail absorbs the kinetic energy of the impacting vehicle and brings the vehicle to a controlled stop.

What crash testing has been performed with the FLEAT End Terminal?

The FLEAT-SP has been crash tested and assessed in accordance with Test Level 3 (TL3) of the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 350.

Crash testing of the FLEAT-SP in accordance with NCHRP Report 350 TL3 was undertaken with an 820kg small car and a 2,000kg pick-up truck travelling at 100km/h.

At the nose of the terminal, these impacts are performed end-on or at angles up to 15°. Along the length-of-need, impacts are performed at 20°.

What is the length of the FLEAT End Terminal?

The FLEAT End Terminal is available in two length options;

  • The 7.62m FLEAT-SP (TL2) is approved for speed zones up to and including 70km/h.
  • The 11.43m FLEAT-SP (TL3) is approved for all speed zones up to 110km/h.