400m rhino stop sky edge installation at coles toroonga carpark 100m rhino stop type 4 installation at coles toroonga carpark rhino stop sky edge car park safety barrier system at canterbury hurlstone park rsl carpark rhino stop type 4 with mesh infill and handrail installed at coles torronga carpark coles torronga car park split level protection with rhino stop sky edge coles toroonga car park ramp protection with rhino stop car park safety barrier project at coles toroonga rhino stop sky edge fall protection installation at coles toroonga

Canterbury Hurlestone Park RSL Car Park Barrier Project

Located in NSW, the Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Car Park was extended to provide an additional level of car park parking to increase its capacity to 356 spaces. Guardrails on the existing levels were replaced and upgraded using the RHINO-STOP® Sky-Edge car park safety barrier system.