Umina Beach Vista Car Park Barrier Project

RHINO-STOP® Elite was the guardrail of choice for a recent new home project at Umina Beach. The owners wanted a product that met with council requirements for an Australian Standard compliant system but also compliment the stunning view over Umina Beach to Pittwater and beyond. RHINO-STOP® Elite has a larger open area than any other modular guardrail system thereby showcasing the amazing vista. Moreover the RHINO-STOP® Elite system is designed so that it can be readily fabricated to accommodate sharp changes of alignment.


  • Large open area to showcase view
  • Custom fabricated bends
  • Custom powder coat to match house
  • AS/NZS Type G compliant to medium traffic (Tested at 20km/h with a 2 tonne vehicle at 1.0m impact height)
  • RHINO-STOP® Elite Guardrail FAQs