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T18 Log Rail Road Barrier Queensland Project

Combining the strength of steel with the beauty of timber, T18 Log Rail provided the ideal road barrier solution for this Queensland local government installation.

Regarded as the industry leader in mixed wood and steel guardrail systems, more than 1500km of the T-18 Log Rail traffic barrier has been installed worldwide.


  • Road barrier crash tested system to withstand 1500kg passenger car travelling at 110km/h and 20°.
  • The rail element is constructed from a 180mm diameter Douglas fir log.
  • A steel U-channel is factory-fitted into the rear of the log providing the necessary tensile strength required for vehicle containment and re-direction.
  • The supporting posts comprise a steel C-section that is driven directly into the ground.
  • Once installed, the C-posts are fitted with the 180mm diameter timber cladding.