Wyangala Safety Upgrade

The Wyangala Safety Upgrade, located 50km upstream of Cowra, NSW is part of State Water’s $300 million dam safety upgrade program, which aims to upgrade 7 major dams to full PMF (probable maximum flood) compliance.

The gate raising works involves raising the 8 existing radial gates by 1.4m. This will require the closure of the existing road over the dam wall to the general public, necessitating construction of an alternate river crossing. The new crossing comprises construction of a new 140m bridge across the Lachlan River as well as 2.5km of road works of which 1.2km is new road.


  • Construction of a bridge and associated road works to provide alternative access once the road across the top of the dam wall is closed to public vehicles.
  • Improve capability of the dam to withstand extreme floods.
  • Improve environmental performance.
  • Increase sustainable regional development.