Grace Records Guardrail Project

The new Grace Information and records Management Facility is located in Campbelltown, NSW and is the size of almost three football fields and will hold more than 1.8 million records and files.

More than 400 lineal metres of the RHINO-STOP® pedestrian barrier guardrail was installed along the perimeter edge and within car parking areas.


  • Guardrail constructed by CIP
  • Pedestrian fence installation by Metal Fencing Specialists
  • Guardrail around perimeter edge and car parking areas
  • 400m of RHINO-STOP® Type 1 pedestrian barrier
  • Compliant to AS/NZS 2890.1: Parking Facilities – Off Street Car Parking
  • Compliant to the 30kN impact load described in AS/NZS 1170.1: Structural Design Actions
  • RHINO-STOP® Guardrail FAQs