Biker Shield (1)

BIKER-SHIELD™ is a motorcyclist safety barrier system designed to reduce the impact severity for riders when colliding with a roadside w-beam guardrail barrier.

BIKER-SHIELD™ is positioned below the w-beam guardrail panel and prevents a dismounted motorcyclist from contacting the supporting posts of the guardrail barrier.

BIKER-SHIELD™ may be installed as part of a new RAMSHIELD® Guardrail barrier installation or retrofitted to an existing installation as determined by the road asset owner.

BIKER-SHIELD™ provides safe rider containment and redirection through the combination of spring mounting brackets and lightweight, corrugated beams. The spring brackets attach directly to the w-beam guardrail mid-span between posts and absorbs the impact energy of the sliding rider.

biker shield connects to w beam guardrail with flexible mounting bracket
biker shield is attached below the w beam guardrail
motorcycle protection with biker shield road safety barrier

The position of BIKER-SHIELD™ beneath the w-beam guardrail prevents rider contact with the posts and provides forgiving containment and redirection.

The BIKER-SHIELD™ mounting bracket position is an important design consideration as vertical alignment with the face of the w-beam guardrail reduces the potential for rider snagging.

BIKER-SHIELD™ has been crash tested and evaluated in accordance with the European Technical Specification EN1317-8. This crash test procedure is nominated in AS/NZS 3845.1:2015 Road safety barrier systems and devices.

Crash testing simulates an 86kg dismounted rider sliding into the barrier as follows;

  • Impact at the post at 60km/h and 30°, and
  • Impact mid-span between the posts at 60km/h and 30°.

In addition, BIKER-SHIELD™ has been crash tested in accordance with MASH Test Level 3 when attached to RAMSHIELD® Guardrail as follows;

  • 1100kg car travelling at 100km/h and 25°.

The vehicle impact demonstrates that the attachment of BIKER-SHIELD™ to RAMSHIELD® Guardrail does not affect safe vehicle containment and redirection.