Biker Shield (1)

Safe Direction’s BIKER-SHIELD™ is a road barrier system designed to reduce the impact severity for motorcycle riders on Australian roads, in the event of a collision with a roadside w-beam guardrail barrier.

BIKER-SHIELD™ can be installed as part of a new RAMSHIELD® guardrail barrier system or retrofitted to an existing traffic barrier installation.

These crash barrier safety systems rely on the combination of spring mounting brackets and lightweight corrugated beams, to provide safe rider containment and redirection.

Biker-Shield guardrail with bullnose assembly
Biker-Shield motorcycle guardail
Biker-Shield guardrail installation


BIKER-SHIELD™ is strategically positioned below a w-beam guardrail panel to prevent a dismounted motorcyclist from making contact with the supporting posts of the guardrail barrier.

The spring brackets of BIKER-SHIELD™ attach directly to the w-beam guardrail mid-span between posts and absorb the impact energy of the sliding rider.

BIKER-SHIELD’s™ mounting bracket position is of key importance in the systemic design of this guardrail, as vertical alignment with the face of the w-beam guardrail reduces the potential for rider snagging.

Features and Benefits

  • BIKER-SHIELD™ is versatile in its design application and can either be installed to an existing RAMSHIELD® guardrail barrier system or to a new W-Beam guardrail system.
  • The flexible mounting bracket of BIKER-SHIELD™ which connects directly to the RAMSHIELD® or W-Beam guardrail panel provides forgiving impact to motorcyclists in collision situations.
  • The face-to-face alignment between the BIKER-SHIELD™ and RAMSHIELD® or W-Beam guardrail products significantly reduces the potential for rider pocketing, promoting rider safety and containment.

Safe Direction are industry leaders in vehicle safety barrier technology, and as such adhere to stringent quality assurance criteria to ensure motorist safety.

BIKER-SHIELD™ has been crash tested and evaluated in accordance with the European Technical Specification EN1317-8 and MASH Test Level 3.

These crash test procedures are nominated in AS/NZS 3845.1:2015 road safety barrier systems and devices, complying with both local and international safety standards.

For more information on the BIKER-SHIELD™ guardrail, contact Safe Direction on 1300 063 220.