MASH Sequential Kinking Guardrail End Terminal (MSKT)

Safe Direction’s MASH Compliant Sequential Kinking Guardrail End Terminal (MSKT) is the most recent successor of the SKT terminal that was first introduced in 1997, quickly becoming one of the world’s most sought-after road barrier technology solutions industry-wide.

The newly improved and technologically-advanced MSKT End Terminal is an energy-absorbing, tangential guardrail end terminal, expertly designed to minimise the severity of impacts occurring at the end of road barrier systems.

The MSKT is especially crafted for direct attachment to W-beam guardrail, providing compliance with MASH Test Level 3, and offers the latest innovation in guardrail end terminal technology.

The compact MASH TL2 Terminal is often utilised on application sites where the posted speed is less than or equal to 70km/h, while the standard MASH TL3 Terminal is the preferred option for all posted speeds greater than 70km/h.

road safety barrier attached with mash skt end terminal
energy absorbing mash skt end terminal road barrier
mash skt end terminal anchored to w beam guardrail

How Do MASH SKT End Terminals work?

During head-on impacts, the MSKT impact head slides over the W-beam guardrail.

The W-beam is sequentially kinked as it moves through the head and exits away from the traffic face.

The kinking action of the rail absorbs the kinetic energy of the impacting vehicle, gradually bringing the vehicle to a controlled stop.

As the impact head slides over the W-beam guardrail, the bolted hinged posts at post locations 1 and 2 yield at ground level, contributing to a soft impact for vehicles and their occupants.

The use of steel line posts at subsequent post locations (3 and beyond) provides the MSKT with the necessary lateral support for safe vehicle containment and re-direction through the length-of-need section.

Features and Benefits

  • MKST consist of a sturdy heavy-duty steel construction and can be attached to RAMSHIELD Guardrail, making it suitable for use in a variety of application sites.
  • MSKT is available in two configurations (the MASH TL2 Terminal and the MASH TL3 Terminal), with the MASH TL2 Terminal offering an economical solution where the posted speed is less than or equal to 70km/h.
  • The tangential design feature of MSKT allows it to be installed parallel to the roadway, minimising installation time and sparing the associated costs of earthworks and site grading (which are often associated with traditional parabolic-flared terminal designs).
  • MASH SKT components are highly efficient compared with other terminals generating a 73% higher re-direction capacity according to MASH Level 3 (TL3) results.

Safe Direction are leaders in road barrier technology offering innovative products on both a local and international scale. All our products are rigorously tested to comply with industry standards and are endorsed worldwide.

For more information on our innovative MASH SKT End Terminals, call Safe Direction on 1300 063 220.