MASH SKT End Terminal

The MASH Compliant Sequential Kinking Guardrail End Terminal (MSKT) is an energy-absorbing, tangential guardrail end terminal, designed to minimise the severity of impacts occurring at the end of the safety barrier system.

Designed for attachment directly to w-beam guardrail, the MSKT is latest advancement in guardrail end terminal technology providing compliance with MASH Test Level 3.

The MSKT represents the latest configuration for the SKT terminal that was first introduced in 1997. Since that time the SKT has become one of the world’s leading end treatment solutions.

road safety barrier attached with mash skt end terminal
energy absorbing mash skt end terminal road barrier
mash skt end terminal anchored to w beam guardrail

The tangential design feature allows the MSKT to be installed parallel to the roadway reducing the requirement for earthworks and site grading associated with traditional parabolic-flared terminal designs.

The MSKT is available in two configurations. The compact MASH TL2 Terminal is an economical solution where the posted speed is less than or equal to 70km/h. The standard MASH TL3 Terminal is acceptable for all posted speeds greater than 70km/h.

During head-on impacts, the MSKT impact head slides over the w-beam guardrail. The w-beam is sequentially kinked as it moves through the head and exits away from the traffic face. The kinking action of the rail absorbs the kinetic energy of the impacting vehicle bringing the vehicle to a controlled stop.

As the impact head slides over the w-beam guardrail, the bolted hinged posts at post locations 1 and 2 yield at ground level. The yielding action of the hinged posts contributes to a soft impact for vehicle occupants.

The use of steel line posts at post locations 3 and beyond provides the MSKT with the necessary lateral support required for safe vehicle containment and re-direction through the length-of-need section.