RHINO-STOP® Guardrail


Safe Direction’s RhinoStop® guardrail showcases the latest innovation in modular carpark safety barrier systems.

Our range of RhinoStop® products includes heavy duty, high containment safety barrier systems such as RhinoStop® Truck-Guard, as well as free standing warehouse safety barrier systems providing floor to ceiling protection such as RhinoStop® Screen.

The RhinoStop® carpark barrier system features a sturdy design that is especially crafted to withstand the toughest impacts, offering minimal dynamic deflection and safe vehicle containment for the optimum protection of people, vehicles, buildings and industrial equipment.

RhinoStop® requires fewer anchor fixings per post to create a hard-wearing safety barrier and can effectively absorb up to 40 KN of impact load – making it the toughest barrier system in the industry.

rhino stop car park top floor fall protection barrier
rhino stop car park barrier with yellow end cap accessory
rhino stop car park barrier installation project

How RhinoStop® Works

The defining features of RhinoStop® guardrail posts are the long cuts in the base plate which essentially break the plate into three fingers connected by a common stem.

The fingers allow the mounting of the post to occur in an upright fashion by enabling a separation from the anchor(s).

Upon impact from a vehicle or heavy load, a plastic hinge forms at the location where the fingers can be found on the post.

Once the post is mounted a backward rotation is set into motion, as the load capacity of the plastic hinge is designed to be less than the pull-out capacity of the anchor bolt.

The deflection of the system allows for greater load transfer to adjacent posts, thereby sharing the impact load from the vehicle – providing the highest level of protection from high speed impacts.

Features and Benefits

  • All RhinoStop® posts are significantly stronger than similar sized anchor rigid posts and incorporate a unique patented base plate that minimises the peak loads transferred to post anchors to prevent anchor failure.
  • RhinoStop® posts are versatile in their application and can be installed in-ground or on base plates, depending on site location requirements.
  • RhinoStop® safety barrier designs can accommodate multiple rail configurations at various heights, providing protection against heavy vehicle loads including forklifts.

Bearing in mind that car park and warehouse configurations are highly varied, depending on space availability, Safe Direction offer bespoke car park barriers and custom designed warehouse barrier systems to suit a diverse range of application sites.

All our products are designed, manufactured and tested to comply with Australian and international Industry Standards. RhinoStop® has been crash test validated at impact speeds and loads well in excess of those stipulated in AS/NZS 1170.

For more information on the RhinoStop® carpark barrier system, please get in touch with Safe Direction on 1300 063 220.