Western NSW Guardrail Project

Safe Direction was recently awarded supply of guardrail safety barriers throughout NSW to improve road safety and reduce the potential for run-off-road accidents. The combination of MASH SKT End Terminals and RamShield MASH Guardrail provides a fully crash tested solution designed to contain and redirect errant vehicles away from roadside hazards.

The SKT guardrail end terminal is an energy absorbing, tangent end terminal, designed to minimise the severity of impacts occurring at the end of the safety barrier system. Designed for attachment directly to w-beam guardrail, the SKT is one of the world’s leading end treatment solutions and is fully compliant to the requirements of NCHRP Report 350.


  • Supply RamShield Guardrail and SKT End Terminals.
  • RAMSHIELD Guardrail meets the requirements of MASH Test Level 3.
  • SKT End Terminals meet the requirements of NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 3.
  • Fully crash tested end to end system.
  • Providing vehicle containment and redirection away from roadside hazards.
  • RAMSHIELD® Guardrail FAQs
  • SKT End Terminal FAQs